Framåt eller bakåt?

Obama höll ett tal i Texas igår. En del av talet som vi antagligen kommer få höra många gånger fram till valet är följande:

In fact, I’ve been traveling around the country trying to use an analogy here, and it’s as if these guys took the car, drove it into the ditch, then — so we put our boots on, we walked down into the ditch, into the mud. We pushed; we shoved. Meanwhile, they’re standing back, they’re watching us — (laughter) — drinking a Slurpee or something — (laughter) — and saying, well, you’re not pushing fast enough and you should push this way instead of that way. And they had a lot of commentary, but they sure weren’t putting their shoulder behind pushing.

And finally we get this car up on level ground. Finally we get it back on the road. And these guys turn to us and say, ”Give us the keys back.” (Laughter.) Well, no, you can’t have the keys back because you don’t know how to drive. (Laughter.) You do not know how to drive and so you can’t have the keys back. (Applause.)

Now, here’s another interesting thing — I want you guys to think about this. If you have a car and you want to go forward, what do you do? You put it in ”D.” (Laughter.) When you want to go backwards, what do you do? You put it in ”R.” (Applause.) I’m just saying. That’s no coincidence. (Laughter.) We are not going to give them the keys back.

Kan demokraterna få ytterligare ett val att handla om Bush kan man undvika allt för stora förluster. Men det kommer bli svårt.