Israel tycker till om Obama

Valet av Obama som årets fredspristagare fick ett blandat mottagande, främst i USA. En som är tydlig med vad han tycker är Israels nuvarande president och Nobelpristagare Shimon Peres:

”Very few leaders if at all were able to change the mood of the entire world in such a short while with such a profound impact. You provided the entire humanity with fresh hope, with intellectual determination, and a feeling that there is a lord in heaven and believers on earth”.

Israels premiärminister Benjamin Netanyahu var också positiv:

”Congratulations on winning the Nobel Prize for Peace,” said Netanyahu in a message to Obama. ”You have already inspired so many people around the world, and I know that this award also expresses the hope that your Presidency will usher in a new era of peace and reconciliation.” (haaretz)

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