• The winner of tonights presidential debate, the last one this election cycle, was Chris Wallace and Fox News. He did a stellar job, putting fair questions to both candidates, for example bringing up questions about the Clinton Foundation’s pay of play, and asking the candidates what they would do about entitlements with Medicaid running out of money in 2020 and Social Security in 2030. The losers are the American people, for with Donald Trump imploding, among other things saying he won’t commit to accepting elections results , and calling Clinton “a nasty woman” in the last minutes of the debate, we are left with Hillary Clinton and her social democratic policies.

    I cannot vote for Donald Trump, he is not worthy the Presidential Office, neither is Hillary Clinton, so I will vote blank in the Presidential race, Republican in all down-ballot races. For never has it been more important than now for the Republicans to keep their majorities in the House and Senate, this is the only way Clinton can be pushed to the middle and not continue President Obama’s ineffective and disastrous European social democratic policies.