Michelle Obama försvarar sig

I söndags sa Barack Obamas fru Michelle Obama att hon för första gången i sitt vuxna liv kände sig stolt över sitt land. Det gick inte hem så väl i stugorna så idag tvingades hon ut till presskonferens för att göra en halv pudel.

Mer av hennes tal:

And I had a front row seat to all that. Sitting right there. So let me tell you I am proud. I’m proud of this country and proud of the fact that people are ready to roll up their sleeves and do something phenomenal. But let me tell you something, I know I wouldn’t be here, standing here, Barack and I, our stories wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for a fundamental belief and pride in this country and what it stands for. So we are just truly moved by what we’ve been seeing this year, and it’s not all about Barack but its about people’s hopes and desires for the future.

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