Nu sjunker arbetslösheten i USA

Idag kom en oväntad och positiv nyhet för USA:s ekonomi. För första gången på ett år sjunker arbetslösheten. Hjulen verkar ha börjat rulla igen. Har Obamas ekonomiska politik nu börjat ge effekt?

Arbetslösheten är fortfarande hög. 9,4% var arbetslösa i juli, mot 9,5% i juni.

The unemployment rate fell to 9.4% from 9.5% in June, the first decline in that closely watched reading since April of 2008. Economists had expected unemployment to rise to 9.6%.

There were other signs of improvement as well.

The average hourly work week edged up to 33.1 hours, from a record low of 33.0 hours in June. The number of workers who wanted full-time work but could only find part-time jobs fell by 191,000, or 2%. That suggests that many workers who had their hours cut or were given unpaid days off in the current downturn are going back to full-time status.

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