Ny George Bush kan bli president

bush-george-pBushs familj har en del yngre förmågor med politiska ambitioner. Före detta Floridaguvernören Jeb Bushs son George P Bush är 33 år och sägs vara familjens politiska framtid. Han förbereder sig just nu för att eventuellt bli uttagen till krig, antingen i Afghanistan eller Irak som marinkårssoldat. Han har valt att följa i George W Bushs fotspår när det gäller immigration trots att den fd presidenten misslyckades med att övertyga de egna leden i den frågan.

“The immigration debate was very divisive,” Bush said, referring to the insurrection Republicans staged against his uncle in 2007. “I think it turned off not only a lot of first-generation Hispanics but second- and third-generation Hispanics, as well. In 2008, Barack Obama did a phenomenal job of reaching out to minority groups, to younger people, and a lot of newer voters, Hispanics being one component of that definition of newer voters.” George P., whose mother Columba is from Mexico, is charged with wooing those voters back.

But what’s clear is that P. has borrowed the constituent parts—mostly the admirable ones—from all the Bush family patriarchs. His Hispanic outreach recalls the campaigns of George W. and Jeb; his easygoing manner, his uncle; his military service, if it comes to fruition, his grandfather (and if it doesn’t, his uncle’s stint in the Texas Air National Guard). Echoing the calls of all three Bushes, George P. said politics would wait until he had succeeded on his own in private industry. (The Daily Beast)

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