Obama mindre populär än Bush

Barack Obamas popularitet har sjunkit snabbt under första året vid makten. Vid jämförbar tidpunkt hade tom George Bush högre approval rating enligt Politico.

After months of showing sky-high job approval ratings, polls from major newspapers and from the Pew and Gallup organizations this week gave Obama the lowest numbers of his presidency. He is less popular than either George W. Bush or George H.W. Bush at this point in their presidencies, though more popular than Bill Clinton was after seven months in office.

Administrationen försvarar situationen så här:

A senior administration official compared Obama’s situation with that of Ronald Reagan when he was president. “It most tracks Reagan, in that you have personal attributes that are very high, and where people genuinely trust and like the president and want him to succeed, but the policies aren’t as popular,” he said. “The job approval was going to come down. We’re in the worst recession since FDR — you’re not going to have a great job approval. Personal attributes are still very high, and people trust him. They think he’s here for the right reasons. They think he wants to do the right thing.”

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