Reaktioner på Obamas stora tal om rasism

Obamas tal tidigare idag om sin kontroversielle pastor och rasism har fått övervägande posititva reaktioner. Rush Limbaugh är en av få kritiker denna dag.

Är det tillräckigt för att sätta punkt för skandalen runt pastor Wrights uttalanden?

Här några reaktioner:

Konservative Charles Murray:

Has any other major American politician ever made a speech on race that comes even close to this one? As far as I’m concerned, it is just plain flat out brilliant—rhetorically, but also in capturing a lot of nuance about race in America. It is so far above the standard we’re used to from our pols….

Konservative radioprataren Rush Limbaugh:

Obama is not an agent of racial healing, he is a product of it. He decries victimology, but basically promotes it in his speech today.

Politicos Ben Smith:

A smart colleague notes that this speech is the polar opposite of this year’s other big speech on faith, in which Mitt Romney went to Texas to talk about Mormonism, but made just one reference to his Mormon faith. Obama mentions Wright by name 14 times.

Taylor Marsh (känd bloggare som stöder Clinton):

Senator Obama gave a speech today that is larger than politics, but it in no way ends his political challenges. The national wound of race Barack didn’t want to touch is now reopened nationally and in the spotlight again. While his campaign wants to move on, the country will not, because everyone will be talking about race, through the invitation of Obama’s speech today.

Hotlines Jennifer Skalka:

Obama gave an eloquent speech today that will do much to quiet the increasingly polarizing debate about race in the Democratic contest. But more importantly, and more tellingly, he gave a deeply personal talk about his race, about his experience as a biracial American. And voters needed to hear it. Not because his biography is, in and of itself, the answer for these confusing times, but because, perhaps, only a person of his experience can dare all of us to be our better selves.

Andrew Sullivan (känd bloggare som stöder Obama):

This searing, nuanced, gut-wrenching, loyal, and deeply, deeply Christian speech is the most honest speech on race in America in my adult lifetime. It is a speech we have all been waiting for for a generation. Its ability to embrace both the legitimate fears and resentments of whites and the understandable anger and dashed hopes of many blacks was, in my view, unique in recent American history… I have never felt more convinced that this man’s candidacy – not this man, his candidacy – and what he can bring us to achieve – is an historic opportunity.

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