Romneys hund – igen

Gail Collins har gjort det till sin grej att påminna läsarna om Romneys hundincident. Även i senaste kolumnen Anatomy of a Jokester om Romneys tid på highschool hittar hon en väg att nämna detta.

He is incapable, really, of admitting past errors. Perhaps you may remember that Romney once drove to Canada with the family Irish setter stuck in a cage on the station wagon roof. When he was originally asked about it, he claimed the dog “loves fresh air.”

This was more than four years ago. What would have happened if Romney had just said: “Boy, in retrospect that really does sound like a bad idea. But you have to remember that we had five boys under the age of 14. It was like living in a vortex; we did all kinds of stupid stuff.”

Do you think the nation — particularly the part that has ever tried to drive long distances with a car full of children — would have been understanding? I personally would never have mentioned the incident at all.

But since we haven’t gotten that sort of input, I kind of feel free to bring it up now and then.

”Now and then”? Haha. 58 gånger fram till för en vecka sen, enligt en blogg som citerar alla gånger hon skrivit om det. 59 nu då antar jag?