Se när Bernie Sanders blir arresterad

Mycket tyder på att mannen i den här nyligen upptäckta videon är Bernie Sanders.

On August 5, 1963, Jerry Temaner was a young filmmaker on location of the growing protest movement emerging in Chicago. On the South Side of the city, in a community called Englewood, black families were coming together to boycott the proposed ”construction” of a new school on the corner of 73rd & Lowe. The plan, which sounds just as ridiculous today as it likely did 53 years ago, was to build the entire school out of a collection of mobile homes called Willis Wagons.

As expected, families in the community weren’t having it and the protests on the proposed site where the mobile homes would be placed were fierce.

Sedan tidigare har det varit känt att Sanders blev arresterad denna dag och var aktiv inom medborgarrättsrörelsen.

This is a young man, resisting arrest, on the day Bernie was arrested, where he was arrested, who looks just like every other image we have of Bernie from the time.