Nikki Haley börjar distansera sig från Trump

I en intervju med The Atlantic distanserar sig avgående FN-ambassadören Nikki Haley delvis från Trumps politik. Spekulationerna om att hon är intresserad av en framtida presidentvalskampanj (2024 eller senare) lär tillta. 

She recognized Saudi Arabia as a vital partner against Iran, but insisted that Riyadh can’t be given “a pass” for the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, pointedly noting that the Saudi crown prince’s “government did this, and so he technically is responsible.” And Haley, who has announced her resignation but won’t leave her post until the end of the year, acknowledged daylight between her and the president.

“I think we agree on most things,” she said. “There are certainly things that we don’t agree on.