Amerikanska trupper är tillbaka i Benghazi för ny offensiv mot IS

Washington Post rapporterar att amerikanska trupper är i Benghazi för att inleda en ny offensiv mot IS. Det ska röra sig om färre än 25 personer.

Ska USA göra ett nytt försök i Libyen? Ja, det verkar så.

The insertion of a tiny group of U.S. personnel into a country rife with militant threats reflects the Obama administration’s worries about the Islamic State’s powerful Libyan branch and the widespread expectations of an expanded campaign against it. For months, the Pentagon has been developing plans for potential action against the group, which has at least several thousand fighters in the coastal city of Sirte and other areas. And the U.S. personnel, whose ongoing presence had not been previously reported, is a sign of the acceleration toward another military campaign in Libya.

Operationen kan komma att växa.

If the White House does authorize a broader campaign in Libya, it is expected to be on a smaller scale than operations in Iraq and Syria. Apart from the ongoing air campaign against the Islamic State, the United States now has over 5,000 troops on the ground in Iraq, and Obama recently expanded the Special Operations force in Syria.

Vår recension av Benghazifilmen 13 hours.